Schedule SMS reminders on the go with our HTML Smartphone App

Don't have access to a laptop or PC during business hours?
You can now schedule SMS reminders from your iPhone, Android phone, Blackberry, or any other smartphone thanks to the AppointmentSMS Smartphone App. is the only SMS reminder service that lets you schedule SMS reminders from both your laptop/PC as well as your smartphone.

  • Works Directly From Your Phone's Browser
    Thanks to the latest HTML5 technology, you don't even need to install anything from the app store!
  • Fast, Easy, Low Bandwidth
    The AppointmentSMS Smartphone App is easy to use, fast, and uses only a tiny amount of your bandwidth (data allowance)
  • Works With Any Smartphone
    Our App works with any modern smartphone, such as iPhone, Android phones, Blackberry, and many more

Just point your mobile phone's web browser to and your good to go!

SMS reminders from your iPhone
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